Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Red Hat, JBoss founder and prospects may leave doubt

EST on January 4 (Beijing time on January 5) news: just a few months before Red Hat acquired JBoss Inc., JBoss founder, but now have been thinking about quitting the Make Fu Lou Ray.

Red Hat said in a statement, Fu Lou Ray in early December for personal reasons to leave temporarily, is expected to be in a few months back. According to Lou Rui Fu auto-response e-mail, said he was the fourth child born as a temporary leave, he will return to the company on March 15.

However, Rui Fu Lou JBoss Inc. issued an e-mail some of my colleagues is another version, he said, because he temporarily left the Red Hat on Red Hat's development prospects are skeptical.

Flo Ray in December when the media explained: "I intend to take the time to take care of the family and myself. I have Red Hat put a lot of feelings and investment, but I get less and less. With of you was a pleasure to do, perhaps that period of time is the pinnacle of my short career. "

Rui Fu Lou founded in 2001, JBoss Inc.. Rui Fu Lou's had contact and Red Hat, but both sides did not respond.

Lou Rui Fu is a frank person, since he joined the Red Hat, he still did not change their practices. In the last year in November to accept e weekly interview, Rui Fu Lou complained: "I thought after the company was acquired by Red Hat can get a lot from its huge investment in R & D budget, which I agreed to join the main reason for the Red Hat 1. but my personal view, things are not as I expected that. "

JBoss is a run on the server to achieve Java software developed by open source software. Red Hat in June last year, completed its acquisition of JBoss, hoping to help it improve the grade Linux operating system software.

Red Hat acquired JBoss in 2005, before the industry analysts have questioned the validity of the transaction. But Red Hat for its recent quarterly earnings performance is quite satisfactory, insisted that the JBoss for this fiscal year will contribute 22 million to 27 million U.S. dollars in revenue.

Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik had said in December the acquisition of several companies in the last quarter for the Red Hat contributions to less than 100 million in revenue, of which two-thirds of the company from JBoss.

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