Thursday, September 16, 2010

The official version of Opera 10 September 1 showing the speed will increase 40%

August 28 News, Opera announced that desktop browser Opera 10 RC official version of the first edition in September 1 for download, the official version of Opera 9.6 with the new version of high-intensive processing resources, such as Gmail and Facebook pages, etc. , will be 40% faster.

Opera company said in response to an increasing number of mobile internet users disturbing network traffic congestion, Opera 10 launch of Opera Turbo function, the limited bandwidth can improve the website speed, so play site has a higher rate of family and play the net efficiency. In addition, the site developers can use the network to enjoy the font, RGBA / HSLA colors and SVG support.

In addition, Opera browser built-in mail software Opera Mail also features a substantial revision and improvement; Opera 10 improved the tabbed browsing feature that allows users to adjust the network to see page thumbnails, and adjusted according to personal preferences making the page size, up and down and left and right position.

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